A.H. Reiff Landscape Supply CompanyInstallation & Base Material

Installation supplies are available for pavers and wall stone. We carry a variety of products to suit your needs.

Gator Supersand: Polymeric sand used for joints up to 1”. Avail. in Beige and Gray. Explore
Gator Dust: Polymeric stone dust used for 1/2”-6” joints. Avail. in Beige and Gray. Explore
Gator Maxx: Polymeric Sand used for paving stone joints up to 2″. Explore
Paver Edging & Spikes: Edging available in 8′ long sections, rigid or flex.
Adhesive: Specially designed for stone and concrete products. Available in 10 oz or 28 oz sizes.
Cleaners & Sealers: Designed to preserve and protect concrete pavers and natural stone.
Geogrid: A synthetic material used to reinforce soil; commonly used when building retaining wall systems. Available in 4’x50′ and 6’x300’ rolls.
Base Stone & Sand: 2A Stone, 2B Stone, 1B Stone, Stone Dust and Concrete Sand.

Saws and tampers available for rental.