High Quality Outdoor Fire Pit Kits By Newline

At A.H. Reiff we offer a variety of high quality outdoor Fire Pit Kits. The Newline Collection is an elegant build-it-yourself fire pit that will enhance your outdoor living area dramatically. For the past 39 years we have delivered high quality products to Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Dillsburg, Harrisburg and all of Central PA and beyond. Contact us today to transform your outdoor living space!

Ashland Fire Pit Kit

This elegant build-it-yourself fire pit will enhance your outdoor living area dramatically. This pit comes either finished with a 4-piece radius coping (spark screen and steel insert with lid optional) or with a steel insert with a lid and retro-fit ring. It can be used for wood-burning fires or fitted for natural gas. Now you can have that gathering place on your patio that you and your friends will enjoy for a lifetime.

The natural stone look of the Rosetta Fire Pit Kits transforms your outdoor space into an inviting, warm retreat. Precast concrete is fire-safe and engineered to weather the toughest outdoor elements

Extend your time outdoors and enjoy long evenings with friends and family gathered around our Suffolk™ Fire Pit. Pre-packaged with 4-piece radius coping, the Suffolk Fire Pit provides a rustic, tumbled finish and perfectly complements our Suffolk wall system. With a 49″ inside diameter, the Suffolk Fire Pit is our largest unit and is offered with an optional 2-piece steel ring.

This fire pit’s size makes it an ideal place to sit around with family and friends. The Yorkshire Fire Pit is available in both a rectangle and square unit. Either pit can be used for wood-burning fires or fitted for natural gas. The rectangle pit includes a steel insert with a cooking grate, while the square pit includes a heavy duty steel insert.

This Fire Pit comes with everything you need to create a warm, inviting focal point for entertaining and relaxing. Its value, beauty, durability and ease of construction make the StoneLedge Fire Pit a perfect complement to your outdoor living area.